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Толстовка с полной запечаткой — пол: ЖЕН.

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Толстовка с полной запечаткой — пол: ЖЕН.

It was supplemented by original music composed by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy , who received an "additional music by" credit. Похожие Сравнить. Rambo is not to engage the enemy and instead is ordered to take photographs of a North Vietnamese camp, the same camp he himself had been held prisoner in, to prove to the American public there are no more POWs in Vietnam, although Murdock knows that there are.

Новизна Цена Рейтинг. Rambo: The Force of Freedom For his actions in Vietnam, Rambo is granted a presidential pardon and decides to remain in Thailand.

RAMBO 5: Last Blood Trailer (2019)

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